2020 IBAK Mainline Camera System

USED and SOLD Equipment JSS (12)

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Part NumberDescription
V9051020Panoramo 2 4K System Resolution Camera System
*3-D Spherical Optoscanner, 8″ to 36″ pipelines, Light and Heavy additional weights, wheel set 108, small axle extenders included, IPAS Panoramo Software, Panoramo Scan Software(vehicle), Panoramo View Software
V9051003PANORAMO 2/4K Height Adjusting Lift
*Raises the camera in the pipe, works with both PANO 2 and PANO 4K
900401291Wheel Set 108 – Standard wheelset with rubber tires
900401291Wheel Set 130 – Standard wheelset with rubber tires
900401391Small Pneumatic Wheel Set – for T76/86 KRA 75/85 PANORAMO & LISY
904110390Large Pneumatic Wheel Set – Tires, Tubes and Rims (Set of 4) for T76/86/PANORAMO/LISY (Black) – 3.00-4, Comes with 113mm and 75mm M6 bolts
90041089112″ Treaded Wheel Set – for 12″ and up (Brown/Hard), -16″ and up on a T86
9004066918″ Carbide Wheel Set – High Traction Tungsten wheels for 8″ and up, for use with T76/T86/PANO2 Tractors, Large Grit
V4008005Panoramo SI 4K High-Resolution Manhole Inspection System, 360 degrees scanning of manholes, for 12″ to 60″ structures, includes camera, adapter, tools, includes scan software, includes anti glare canopy
802970021Panoroamo SI Positioning device – For use with KW310/505 drums, allows positioning of unit precisely in manhole
V1976007BS7 Contrtol Unit – For operation of the camera and the tractor functions, for permanent installation in a vehicle in 19″ technology, separate control panel type BP7(u-console) with color LCD display for status information, 2 joysticks, emergency stop, microphone for intercom, Video in and out, S-video out, including data display generator and RS232 interface, operating voltage 100/120/240 VAC +-10%, integrated box A for extension kit, PANORAMO operation
V0001017Rack Mount Industrial PC – 19″ Industrial PC, Ruggedized rack mount cabinet, Intel Quad Core Processor, 16GB Ram, 256 GB Solid State Drive for Applications / OS, 2 TB Hard Drive for Data, DVD-R/CD-RW drive, Keyboard and Optical Mouse, Operating system Windows 10 Pro
V8029020KW505 FO2 4K Syncronized Power Cable Reel, designed for use with 00/12 FO2 X2 fiber optic cable required for PANORAMO 4K systems, Syncronized cable payout and retraction, automatic level wind, remote control pendant and LED boom light, distance counter with rear display, holds up to 2000′ of fiber optic cable, includes integrated tractor lowering winch and control
800712001,640 ft dual fiber optic cable
802975001Cable Cleaning Brush – attaches to drum boom and cleans cable during retrieval
800500841KW Reel foot-operated winch switch, control the lowering winch with foot to allow more control while lowering the tractor into the mainline
904350020Cable deflection pulley KUV 2.7 with rope and holder
802617031Upper deflection pulley KW305/505 – attaches to the boom for off manhole steps
V000021Lowering Poles and adapter
VZFPB-4Pole mounting brackets
VZ000306Cable reel cabinet, with a slide out tray for the LISY Synchro Drum and one locking drawer with a divider. All aluminum drawer construction
VZ0007628X14 Trailer
VZ000712Under desk heater
VZ000712Wall mount electric heater installed under the desk
Misc22″ Metal Case industrial monitor – Dual monitor upgrades
Inspection Trailer Complete – PREMIUM
*14′ x 8′ enclosed trailer with side door and dual rear doors
*FRP or Aluminum sided
*Extended Tongue
*Full-height Ceilings
*Under carraige fuel tank installed
*Onan 5.5Kw commercial Genset (gas) generator
*Walk-thru design with partition wall and door
*Sliding partition window
*12VDC LED lighting
*Laminate Flooring
*13,500 BTU Roof Air
*Back-up camera and controls
*Exterior shore power package
*Aux battery and charging system
*14 gallon pressurized wash down system
*Carpeted walls in studio
*Laminate wall covering in work area
*Rear 5 compartment toolbox
*Laminate base cabinatery
*Laminate counter tops in office
*Lamnate over head cabinets
*Butcher block workbench
*Strobe light mounted on roof
*Directional arrowboard
*Small sink in work area
*17″ monitor in work area
*17″ monitor in studio
*Electonics storage cabinet in office
*Office Chair

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