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Jet Line Sales & Service was founded in 2021 by Chase Johnson of Kensington, MN. While the company is young, Chase has extensive knowledge in the industry with 24 years of experience in sewer/wastewater, 17 years of experience in sewer cleaning and pipe inspection, and 7 years of experience in underground pipe laying/construction.

Chase also owns Johnson Jet-Line, Inc., which is how he got his start in the sewer inspection/pipe cleaning industry. The company has grown to what it is today based on great customer service and quality work. By working in the industry, we have witnessed firsthand what the industry is lacking, and that is quality customer service and support. Through this realization, Jet Line Sales & Service was founded.

In March 2024, Jason Thoennes became part-owner of Jet Line Sales after being with the company for a year. Jason has been instrumental in streamlining everything within the company and has been contributing his 25+ years of sales knowledge to the team.

Our mission with Jet Line Sales & Service is to provide our customers with the top quality customer service and support that they deserve. We are not your typical sales company, we have many years of firsthand experience that allows us to walk through and diagnose issues that may arise. We know time is money, which is why we provide top of the line training and in-house repairs. If you ever get in a bind, we will come to you to help your operation get up and running again as quickly as possible.

At Jet Line Sales & Service, the equipment we carry is all hand-picked, tested and approved by us. We only offer the most durable, state of the art products backed by outstanding customer service and support!

Our Trusted Brands

Why Choose Jet Line Sales?

Quality Equipment

We pride ourselves on offering only high-quality and durable sewer equipment.

In-House & Mobile Repairs

Our repair work is done in-house or mobile so your equipment is up and running faster.

Field Experience

Our team has 35+ years of experience and knowledge in both sewer and construction. 

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