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Application Range from 6″ up to 48″ Pipe Diameter

The Rausch USA Lateral Launch System, the M 135, launches a small pan & tilt camera, the KS 60 CL, into laterals from the mainline. It is a module for the L 135 tractor / crawler. Can be sold either as a standalone lateral launch system or as a module upgrade to a mainline TV Inspection, QuickLock Point Repair or Laser Profiling System. Application range from 6″ to 48″ mainline pipe diameter.

We now offer the SAT 42 self-leveling lateral camera for laterals as small as 2″.

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Main Features


  • Application range: 6″ to 48″ pipe diameters
  • Up to 150 ft of lateral push distance.
  • Up to 550 ft of mainline cable.
  • Automatically synchronized cable reels.
  • Electronic distance counter.
  • Quick-Connect to the tractor for extremely easy and quick set up. (Plug & Play)
  • Connects to electric lift of the L 135 tractor.
  • ZKM 135 auxiliary camera for direct observation of launch.
  • High-power LED’s in the PM135 for accurate positioning and camera insertion.
  • PM 135 can position the lateral camera to launch into angles greater than 90°.
  • SKM 135 launch module pushes the camera into the lateral, and can launch against the flow.

The M 135 is a scalable lateral launch system. The system consists of the L 135 tractor, a push module (SKM), a positioning module (PM), an auxiliary camera (ZKM) and the lateral pan & tilt camera (KS 60 CL).

For the inspection of laterals from large mainlines, simply attach large tires onto the tractor and the extension attachment onto the steering module. A detachable steering pin can be mounted on the lateral camera for aiding entering into the lateral, or to be used to negotiate branched laterals.

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From Our Customers

We ordered a new Rausch mainline and lateral launch system and received it in June. Not only is this system very high quality, but it is user friendly as well. It has sped up our lateral launching considerably. You can go from televising a mainline to converting to the lateral launch setup in about two minutes. Also the maneuverability of the lateral launch lets you place the lateral head right into the mouth of the lateral before launching. We have also started using USB jetting nozzles and I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the field.

Andrew B.

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