Super Cycle Nozzle 3D


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Super Cycle Nozzle is a large, heavy-weight nozzle constructed from hardened stainless steel with 12 rear jets. Set at spray angles of 12° and 28°, the rear jets make this nozzle ideal for cleaning sewer, storm or other large pipes. Its powerful jet pattern and 3D fluid mechanics are excellent for flushing dirt from roots before cutting or general cleaning. This nozzle comes standard with one-piece ceramic inserts.


  1. Round Pipes
  2. 3D Fluid Mechanics
  3. Recycle Water Approved
  4. Tier 3
Product Specs
Part NumberHose Con. (NPT)GPM/MinimumPipe Diameter (in)Dimensions (L x W)Weight (lbs)Rear JetsFront JetsRadial JetsProduct Tier
30001″6010″ – 40″7.80″ x 4.72″1312Tier 3

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Caleb F.

Hydro-Vac, Inc.

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