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Potholing, Daylighting, Debris Removal, Piling Hole, and Frac Tank Cleaning

The Ripsaw HD is a powerful spinner-tip nozzle designed to rotate at the perfect speed to increase digging power, improve control, and reduce wear and tear over time to lengthen its life. Built to battle the most extreme conditions – Ripsaw HD’s premium coating can take on frost, shale, and rocky soil, and is safe to operate around underground utilities.

18-Degree Cone1.5 – 10.7 GPM1,000 – 3,200 PSI#3.0 – 12.0

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From Our Customers

We ordered a new Rausch mainline and lateral launch system and received it in June. Not only is this system very high quality, but it is user friendly as well. It has sped up our lateral launching considerably. You can go from televising a mainline to converting to the lateral launch setup in about two minutes. Also the maneuverability of the lateral launch lets you place the lateral head right into the mouth of the lateral before launching. We have also started using USB jetting nozzles and I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the field.

Andrew B.

Pipe Detectives

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