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Bell Holing, Slopping, Trenching, Finishing Tool, and Caliche/Hard Soils

The Machete is the do-it-all tool that provides a unique oscillating motion that allows for deeper digging. It is an ergonomically sound tool that reduces the risk of undermining and promotes safe digging for both users and underground utilities. It’s the combination of the long stream with the coverage of a rotating tip that sets this tool apart from other nozzles and makes for a great addition to any toolkit.

15-Degree Wedge1.5 – 8.9 GPM1,000 – 3,200 PSI#3.0 – 10.0

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The last two days have been a real stress test. If it could go wrong it did, twice. I want to give a huge thanks to Chase Johnson at Jet Line Sales. Not only did he deliver parts with no hesitation, he answered 20 phone calls. Along with their great equipment came amazing technical support and service. We do appreciate the help.

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