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High Performance Rotating Nozzle

The Gator and Mini Gator nozzles cut and remove roots, grease, blockages, and scale in various pipes ranging from 2″ – 20″. Encased in a compact stainless-steel body the strong reinforced internal design rotates the head. 3D fluid mechanics in the head smoothly direct all the incoming high-pressure water to the four rotating jets in the rear of the head and one in front. These rotating jets create an extremely powerful 360 degree all around complete cleaning of the pipe, flushing, and removing debris in less passes. The offset front jet eliminates blockages easily and effectively. A case kit is available which includes an additional skid.


  1. Round Pipes, Oval Shaped Pipes
  2. 3D Fluid Mechanics
  3. Recycled Water Approved
  4. Tier 3

* See product specs below

Product Specs
Part NumberHose Con. (NPT)GPM/MinimumPipe Diameter (in)Dimensions (L x W)Weight (lbs)Rear JetsFront JetsHead JetsProduct Tier
50223/8″ – 1/2″93″ – 8″4.33″ x 1.57″1.3214Tier 3
5025Case Kit
50303/4″ – 1″506″ – 24″8.66″ x 4.52″14.3314Tier 3
5035Case Kit

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The last two days have been a real stress test. If it could go wrong it did, twice. I want to give a huge thanks to Chase Johnson at Jet Line Sales. Not only did he deliver parts with no hesitation, he answered 20 phone calls. Along with their great equipment came amazing technical support and service. We do appreciate the help.

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