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PRO-RING vs. Concrete Grade Rings

  • SAFETY – It usually takes two to four men to lift a concrete grade ring, each one risking back injury. A 6″ PRO-RING™ weighs only 14 pounds. Where concrete rings break and can cause injury, the PRO-RING™ system minimizes that hazard, helping reduce comp claims.
  • EFFICIENCY – One man can easily install the PRO-RING™ system in just minutes. People are always amazed at our demonstration. The rings nest together and include a finishing ring and a slope adjustment ring for a precision fit.
  • FAST AND COST EFFECTIVE – PRO-RING™ products speed manhole installation and repair dramatically, allowing the site to be closed in one day and reducing overall cost from 20% to 30% based on conditions. No water, sand mortar or bricks are needed, just a few simple tools.
     Angle ring allows conformity to sloped road surfaces.
    • Cost effective over the long haul.
    • Best Warranty in the industry.

From Our Customers

"Jet Line Sales & Service offers the best equipment at competitive prices, coupled with excellent service on the products they sell. I bought the Rausch Push Camera System for inspecting drain tile, along with the locator. This system has saved countless hours solving many drainage issues. I have owned it for a year and it has already paid for itself in time and materials saved."

Dave S.

Staples Farm

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