Bagger Max 3D


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A high-efficiency floor/bottom cleaner made of hardened stainless steel, this nozzle includes an adjustable nozzle block that can be positioned between 0° – 30° depending on your application. The power manifold has built-in 3D fluid mechanics which produce an intense and forceful jet pattern resulting in outstanding excavation, traction, and transportation of material even under water! Roll over bars enable this nozzle to return to is correct position every time. One piece-ceramic inserts and a high-pressure swivel come standard with the Bagger Max 3D.


  1. Large Round Pipe. Flat Bottom Pipe. Box Culverts
  2. 3D Fluid Mechanics
  3. Recycled Water Approved
  4. Tier 3

* See product specs below

Product Specs
Part NumberHose Con. (NPT)GPM/MinimumPipe Diameter (in)Dimensions (L x W)Weight (lbs)Rear JetsFront JetsRadial JetsProduct Tier
10121 1/4″8032″ – 120″30.00″ x 12.00″11512Tier 3
10131 1/4″8024″ – 72″22.80″ x 10.00″6610Tier 3
10151″4015″ – 48″19.68″ x 8.66″538Tier 3
10171″4010″ – 30″15.74″ x 7.87″466Tier 3
10183/4″3510″ – 30″15.74″ x 7.87″336Tier 3

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