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Production Facilities, Food Processing Facilities, Heavy Equipment, Car Washes, Concrete, Livestock Barns, Environmental Clean-ups, Graffiti, Surface Prep, Peanut Broilers and SO MUCH MORE!

The Aqua-Rocket is a powerful rotating cleaning nozzle that combines the science of the perfect speed, spray angle, materials, and stream quality to quickly and completely clean ANY surface. This versatile nozzle takes on countless applications and comes in two pressure ranges for compatibility with more equipment. No matter the job or equipment, this tool will deliver.

24-Degree Cone0.9 – 5.2 GPM750 – 3,600 PSI#2.0 – 6.0 Aqua-Rocket
22-Degree Cone1.8 – 11.2 GPM1,500 – 5,600 PSI#3.0 – 10.0 Aqua-Rocket Pro

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From Our Customers

"Jet Line Sales & Service offers the best equipment at competitive prices, coupled with excellent service on the products they sell. I bought the Rausch Push Camera System for inspecting drain tile, along with the locator. This system has saved countless hours solving many drainage issues. I have owned it for a year and it has already paid for itself in time and materials saved."

Dave S.

Staples Farm

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