3D Radical Clean Nozzle


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Streaks are a thing of the past with the 3D Radial Clean! 3D fluid mechanics deliver smooth water to the rear 45° fan jets creating a spray pattern that is fanned-out 360°. The powerful spray pattern is capable of removing grease, scale, dirt, and sand from the walls of the pipe without leaving streaks behind. The additional rear 15° propulsion jets not only move the nozzle up the line but also help transport material back to the manhole. This high performing nozzle is perfect for CCTV inspection.


  1. Round Pipes, Oval Shaped Pipes
  2. 3D Fluid Mechanics
  3. Recycled Water Approved
  4. Tier 3

* See products specs below

Product Specs
Part NumberHose Con. (NPT)GPM/MinimumPipe Diameter (in)Dimensions (L x W)Weight (lbs)Rear JetsFront JetsFan JetsProduct Tier
11911 1/2″11012″ – 24″12.40″ x 7.48″79.36612Tier 3
11901 1/4″8010″ – 20″7.87″ x 4.72″20.94510Tier 3
11941″608″ – 15″6.10″ x 3.93″12.1266Tier 3
11953/4″306″ – 12″4.92″ x 3.14″6.1756Tier 3

From Our Customers

The last two days have been a real stress test. If it could go wrong it did, twice. I want to give a huge thanks to Chase Johnson at Jet Line Sales. Not only did he deliver parts with no hesitation, he answered 20 phone calls. Along with their great equipment came amazing technical support and service. We do appreciate the help.

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